Field Trips

Students want an easy way to discover Italy. They want to see the famous sites they know from film and television but they also want to see how Italian life is lived.

Italy offers a range of educational learning opportunities to inspire your students. Explore the Eternal city of Rome and the Vatican, discover Florence with myriad of museums and architecture, visit Pisa with the leaning tower, wander the alleys in Venice and take a romantic gondola ride through the canals, shop in Milan, the city of fashion, linger at Amalfi Coast, eat in Positano, hike Mt. Vesuvius up the crater of an active volcano, explore Pompeii and Herculaneum, shop in Sorrento, fall in love with Naples, experience Sicily, surrounded by the lure of the Mediterranean.

A curriculum focused school trip to Italy is a memorable mix of classical history, religion, culture, cuisine, language and stunning coastal scenery making Italy an unrivaled destination for any school trip.

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City Break in Rome: Vacanze Romane

Mirabilia Urbis, Legend and History in the World's Oldest Museum
5 days

Exclusive Capri and Amalfi Coast

The Best of south of Italy
Art experience

Games of Distraction

Colosseum & Circus Maximus, from Gladiators to Chariot Races, blood soaked entertainment in Ancient Rome
3 hours

Matera No Time to Die 007 Movie Tour

Exclusive Matera on the set of the 25th James Bond Movie with the official Guide of the production.
2 days

The Capitol Hill: where it all began

Mirabilia Urbis, Legend and History in the World's Oldest Museum
1 day