Family Reunions

Special Tour Packages for family groups and friends going on vacation together. Enjoy one another’s company while discovering amazing destinations with preplanned itineraries by our experts in multigenerational travel.

Choir trips & Music Tour Tour Groups

Special journeys for choirs and music bands. We will set your travel itinerary from scratch assisting on flight and train tickets, de luxe coaches, hotels with dedicated areas for rehearsal, excursions and guided tours.

Field Trips

Unforgettable travel experiences for school trips to Italy. 
Italy offers a range of educational learning opportunities to inspire. We give students and easy way to discover Italy and see how Italian life is lived.

Religious paths

Discover the inspiring Catholic Italian icons from North to South.
Our expert team of on site group travel professionals will customize your pilgrimage and tour throughout Catholic heritage in Italy, attend the Papal Audience and opportunities to celebrate Mass.

Escorted Tour

Enjoy the comfort and security of traveling in a group, making new friends and having a preset itinerary, we offer a vast array of group land vacations to choose from, touring in a comfortable tour bus with informative and entertaining local guides.

Design your group journey

Sometimes you just want to keep your tour experience between family and friends. We’ll happily arrange a tour of your choosing for you small group. Ask our private groups team for a customized itinerary.