2 days
On the 007 footsteps through the hidden streets of Matera

VIP Package in Matera

Exclusive tour with specialized private guide

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About the Tour

Matera, one of the most fascinating places in the world, is the wonderful set of the 25th James Bond Movie!

With an exceptional guide we will retrace the enchanting scenery of the movie, we will get lost among the maze of stairs, passages, tiny houses and large buildings, terraces that are often roofs of the buildings below, masonry facades on rooms carved into the rock, cisterns and churches carved into the tuff!

Your exclusive private guide will take you to the discovery of Matera and the will be like finding yourself inside the action of the Movie  with Daniel Craig.

You will be taken to the Bond locations in Matera by the same guide who has officially collaborated with the production, the cast and especially the director Cary Fukunaga, and is the only real official guide.

Matera is situated on a rocky outcrop, its historic centre, the famous Sassi area, is a complex of cave dwellings dug out of the mountain.

Matera 007 Trailer

What's included

Meeting point at your hotel with private guide

Tour conducted by the Guide who has officially collaborated with the production for your exclusive private tour

Unique itinerary designed exclusively for you

Italian Aperitif

Entrance Fees to the Rupestrian Church

Pick up and drop off from Matera car park

Exclusive Overnight in one of the wonderful sassi

What's NOT included

Transfer at the end of the tour

Optional “No risk” insurance

Gourmet Dinner


Additional information

Customizedcustom / luxury

When you book with Magnum Travel, you can make the most of a whole host of customized options.

  • Photo Shoot 
    Hire a professional photographer for an exclusive photo session! You’re free to choose your own locations to suit your style and personality. Create unique memories that will last a life.  After the tour you’ll be given access to a private online gallery where you can view and share your photos. Professional Photograph will create your background with Matera for a great memory of this awesome visit.
  • Gourmet lunch after the tour
    Try a typical Restaurant  and taste a local wine and food. Be sure to bring your appetite—In Italy every corner is a a joy for your palate and our can’t miss an authentic Italian food experience in Matera.

Please keep in mind that every itinerary is to be used as a guideline rather than a fixed tour. All of our experiences are designed for private parties, we are happy to  tailor the itinerary to exactly what you want. Whatever you need, you can trust us to handle every little detail.