Bespoke Travel Experiences

A selection of unforgettable private tours & experiences chosen by our tour specialists

From iconic landmarks to hidden gems with places to drink, eat and shop. 

Our guided tours map the path through the best each of the Italian art cities has to offer and provide some great opportunities to explore beyond the beaten track with a series of specially designed themed routes.

In our itineraries history rubs shoulders with everyday life. Taste the best Gelato in the shop that has World Historical heritage sites on its doorsteps, have a glass of wine and some tasty platters from local farms while looking at the monuments erected up to 2000 years ago. Visit churches that have been here for centuries and enjoy stopping in some of the independent shops and galleries filled with contemporary designs and exclusive Italian creations.

You do not have to travel far to explore and delve deeper into Italy.
The best of the street-art, local boutiques, nice museums, historical neighborhoods…your local guide in each city of Italy will uncover it all for you!

Choose the experiences that you like, it’s all you will need to make the most of your private tours in Italy and we will take care of the rest.
No more worries about long lines at museums, fears of sold out tickets or navigating in a new city in search of your guide, we will always be at your hotel doorstep ready to take you to a journey through time and show some of the world’s most famous heritage attractions.

Make your choice from the many city tours offered by Magnum Travel, but feel free to suggest alternative places and activities.
Your private tour can be customized by your personal guide to include exactly what you want to see and do in Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and beyond.

Every tour starts at your hotel, always, so no worries about distances or “will I find my guide?’ issues.

Secure your private tour with a minimum deposit.
You do not have to pay now for your experiences, we only ask 20% upon reservation.
You will receive booking confirmation with all information and time of meeting.
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AS Roma VIP Experience

Enjoy an exclusive experience at Stadio Olimpico with Executive Seats
Private, based on 20 people
3 days

Games of Distraction

Colosseum & Circus Maximus, from Gladiators to Chariot Races, blood soaked entertainment in Ancient Rome
3 hours

Palestrina and its vineyards

Discover an area rich in history, archaeology and visit the vineyard with wine tasting  experience
5 hours

Rome Marathon

Run Rome the Marathon- 17th March 2024
Private, based on 20 people
2 days

The Capitol Hill: where it all began

Mirabilia Urbis, Legend and History in the World's Oldest Museum
1 day

The Hidden Vatican

Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter’s. Discover the Vatican at your own rhythm …just the way you like it!
4 hours

The Highlights of Naples

Fall in love with Naples, the city of a thousand facets
Half Day

Vatican by Night with Happy Hour

Night opening skip the line tickets. Enjoy the Vatican and Sistine Chapel with special led log glare lighting.
3 hours