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Legend and History in the World's Oldest Museum

Private walking tour of Capitoline Museums

Exclusive tour with private guide and priority access

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About the Tour

A unique itinerary that reveals the beauty and importance of the Capitol Hill as the origin of our cultural heritage and ideal starting point to the discovery of Rome.

The Capitol Hill welcomes visitors who climb it through the architectural masterpiece called Cordonata, majestic staircase fruit of the genius of Michelangelo, whose spirit, always alive, continuously took inspiration from Ancient Rome architecture.

Your exclusive private guide will take you to the discovery of the Capitoline Museums, in a comprehensive path through the galleries of the three palaces bordering the the Capitol square.

Visiting the Capitoline Museums you will feel how in Rome ancient and contemporary art live side by side.

Here the main characters of the past live again in a world made of stone. You will walk through the rooms dedicated to the antiquity, seeing the “Capitoline She-Wolf”, the Dying Gaul, the busts, the heads, the figures of emperors and popes, philosophers and poets, gods and the heroes…; the Picture gallery with amazing paintings, among which  masterpieces by Caravaggio, the collection of Etruscan, Greek and Italic vases, the Cini Gallery, rich of precious porcelains, richly painted rooms that tell you about the illustrious legends and history of the City.
Continue then with the visit of the new wing and the glass pavillon, housing the bronzes of Hercules, Emperor Costantine and the outstanding equestrian statue of Emperor Mark Aurel.
A charming setting that harmoniously  combines  art with history and natural landscape.
The underground tunnels of the Capitoline Museums will take us to  the ancient Roman Tabularium, with a breathtaking view over  the Roman Forum. This was the best standing point  for governors of ancient Rome from where they could watch their subjects absorbed in their daily activities.
We will pleasantly finish our visit with an Italian Aperitif, admiring the beauty of these sites, and keen to discover the many archaeological treasures that surround the area from the Imperial Fora to the top of the Palatine Hill.
After the aperitif on the panoramic Terrazza of Musei Capitolini you might decide to continue your day to the nearby Jewish Ghetto and enjoy a lavish meal  in a typical Roman Trattoria.

This is a private tour that can be offered in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Italian

The Capitol Hill & Capitoline Museums

What's included

Meeting point at your hotel with private guide

Expert local guide  for your exclusive private tour

Italian Aperitif in the Terrazza of Musei Capitolini with a glass of Wine or Soft drink

Entrance Fees with priority “Skip the line” entrance to the Capitoline Museums

What's NOT included

Transfer at the end of the tour

Optional “No risk” insurance


Additional information

Customizedcustom / luxury

When you book with Magnum Travel, you can make the most of a whole host of customized options.

  • Photo Shoot 
    Hire a professional photographer for an exclusive photo session and take home some extra special souvenirs of your time in the Capitol Museums! You’re free to choose your own locations to suit your style and personality. Create unique memories that will last a life.  After the tour you’ll be given access to a private online gallery where you can view and share your photos. Professional Photograph will create your background with ruins of ancient Rome for a great memory of this awesome visit.
  • Gourmet lunch after the tour
    Try a typical Roman Trattoria and taste a local wine and food. Be sure to bring your appetite—In Italy every corner is a a joy for your palate and our can’t miss an authentic Italian food experience in Rome.

Please keep in mind that every itinerary is to be used as a guideline rather than a fixed tour. All of our experiences are designed for private parties, we are happy to  tailor the itinerary to exactly what you want. Whatever you need, you can trust us to handle every little detail.